Shelter series #36-12

Shelter series #36-12, 2D mixed media on stretched canvas created with acrylic paint and a variety of handmade papers, 36" x 24", 2012

Rock Island, Illinois-based mixed media artist, Corrine Smith, earned her BFA from Southern Illinois University and her MFA from the University of Kentucky.  She is represented by the Chait Galleries Downtown in Iowa City and she exhibits her work frequently throughout the Midwest.  Ms. Smith's work was most recently seen in the Annual Fine Arts Exhibition at the Augustana College Art Gallery in Rock Island, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, and the Peoria Fine Art Fair in Peoria, Illinois.  She has extensive experience working in art education and she currently serves as Program Co-Director for "Kaleidoscope," a creative children's art program that targets children from ages 4-12.

Ms. Smith will be at the Iowa Arts Festival, June 7th-9th.

The artist writes this about her work:

"Each piece begins with several drawings combined, often one over another.  One of my considerations is to create a powerful composition.  Rendering form and space is what guides the underlying structure of my work.  Consistently dealing with this notion, my forms are stylized and function as flat shapes instead of realistic representations.

Complex layers of colors, textures, and patterns are created through the application of acrylic paint and handmade papers.  My largest source of applicable information is from the preceding painting.
I am always striving for an aesthetic surprise.  I work intuitively; inner feelings are a key element of my color and medium choice.

The evolution of my art is a natural additive process.  My art is a reflection of my life.  The attitudes, symbols and complexity of my life have become visible in my art.  I do not perceive any of my work as an end in itself.  From each piece springs new ideas.  My goal, to date, is to keep an open mind, expand my perception and continue to create."

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