Quilt Maps

Quilt Maps, collage, 10" x 7"

Jeanine Ryding earned her BA at the University of Iowa, then took her Meisterschuler (MFA) in Berlin and taught in print departments in various college and universities before settling in Chicago where she enjoys wide respect in her field and pursues an evolving series of unique expressions in printmaking.

n her new prints, Ryding no longer deals with single actions of figures in space, but rather abstract images derived from nature and from human tools. In her 2003 statement, she writes: I collect seeds, buds, blossoms and leaves...(which resemble) the human made world of diagrams, plumbing, and tools...(and) provide an endless parade of forms and functions...I am interested in bringing the 4th dimension (movement) into a 2 dimensional medium. Shapes swing, recede, draw nearer, or sway. Some are playful...and others more ominous and sculptural. In several her elegantly complex prints, the viewer, if relaxed, may have a sense of motion.

text and image from olsonlarsen.com

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