Prelude, to a 500 Year Flood

Flood Tales 2

The Daily Palette is proud to present "Flood Tales 2" in consideration of the five year anniversary of the June 2008 flood. The original "Flood Tales" was published in the 2008-2009 edition of the Daily Palette. It was an ongoing feature that presented creative work focusing on the 500 Year Flood of June 2008 and Iowa's remarkable and inspiring recovery efforts.

Prelude, to a 500 Year Flood, digital photographic image, 2008

Nancy Purington, b. Davenport Iowa 1947
Moonlight On The Mississippi
Flotam & Jetsam
Sticks Stones Shells Pearls
Twelve Views Of Water
Nancy received a 2007 Iowa Artist Major Grant to develop touring exhibition titled Twelve Views of Water.
Exhibition opens June 28, 2009,  Muscatine Art Center.

Excerpts from artist's journal:  HOW HIGH IS THE RIVER TODAY?

June 15th 2008
"Nothing says it better than a 500 Year Flood."

August 2, 2008
"Somewhere between drowning and saving my own life I found time to make these notes!"

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