Redhead, charcoal & watercolor on paper, 2013

Judy Thompson is a Midwesterner and a nationally recognized artist.  Born and raised near Chicago, she now calls Iowa her home.  Her interest in watercolor was sparked by an adult education class she took when her children began leaving home for college.  Although mostly self-taught, she attributes her artistic achievements to the excellent training she received from her high school art program and her dedication to continually work at her craft.

About her work:

Thompson's vivid and richly textured paintings have been described as "beautiful images which capture a sense of place."  Much of her work speaks to the fabric of prairies—both the land and its people. Subtle moods and vibrant textures are created through layers of transparent watercolor combined, at times, with other media.

Judy Thompson Watercolors

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on April 19, 2013

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