Impressions of Blue

Impressions of Blue, acrylic on canvas, 60" x 40", 2011

Lori Anne Davis graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a degree in Fine Arts, emphasis in painting.  She currently lives in Bettendorf, Iowa.  She shows her art in exhibitions around the Quad Cities.  Some of her recent and upcoming shows include Multi Media Happening at The Artery in Rock Island (2012) and Art is Popping up Everywhere at Boozies Bar Show in Davenport (2013).

In the artist's own words:

"I am inspired by light, but it is the darkness that brings purpose to the light. This is the central theme of my work and is a reflection of my experience. My primary studio work is the genre of abstract expressionism. It is a mode of expression as basic and essential as language and writing. I generally begin a painting with brush strokes of color that are without direction and then work unpredictably and intuitively, responding to the trend of the work as it speaks to me. All of my work reveals a fascination with vibrant colors, simple shapes, and movement. My works are extensions of myself, my faith, and are commentaries on the struggle of life."

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