Who Won the Race (the tortoise or the snail)?

Flood Tales 2

The Daily Palette is proud to present "Flood Tales 2" in consideration of the five year anniversary of the June 2008 flood. The original "Flood Tales" was published in the 2008-2009 edition of the Daily Palette. It was an ongoing feature that presented creative work focusing on the 500 Year Flood of June 2008 and Iowa's remarkable and inspiring recovery efforts.

Who Won the Race (the tortoise or the snail)?, photograph, 2008

Curt Swarm writes about himself and his art: "I'm about to turn 65 years young, and have a degree in English from Iowa State University.  I'm an insurance agent for United Health Care and, in addition to my photography and welded junk sculptures, I also write a weekly newspaper column, "Empty Nest," that is carried by 15 Iowa newspapers.  I write for free.  In my insurance travels, I always have a camera at my side, and all of my clients, without exception, have a story, which often times wind up in my newspaper column.  Life is fun, go for it!  Art is not optional, it's mandatory!"

Mr. Swarm writes about Who Won the Race (the tortoise or the snail)?: "As you will notice, there is a snail on this female snapper turtle's shell.  The picture was taken during the great flood of 2008.  I came upon Mrs. Snapper in the middle of the road.  I think she was looking for a place to lay her eggs, as the ditches were full of water.  I laid down on my belly in front of her, and she allowed her lovely portrait to be taken.  When I look at her, I see God."

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