Ma & Pa Gothic

Ma & Pa Gothic, welded metal, approx. 4 feet tall, 2012

Curt Swarm writes about himself and his art: "I'm about to turn 65 years young, and have a degree in English from Iowa State University.  I'm an insurance agent for United Health Care and, in addition to my photography and welded junk sculptures, I also write a weekly newspaper column, "Empty Nest," that is carried by 15 Iowa newspapers.  I write for free.  In my insurance travels, I always have a camera at my side, and all of my clients, without exception, have a story, which often times wind up in my newspaper column.  Life is fun, go for it!  Art is not optional, it's mandatory!"

The work shown here is one of Mr. Swarm's many "junk sculptures."  He notes that the figures in this sculpture "stand about four feet tall and welcome, or scare away, people from my home."

Curt Swarm's website

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on March 21, 2013

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