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Untitled, photogravure

Noah Doely is an artist who grew up in Iowa and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa.  He currently lives in Tampa, Florida.

Of his work, Doely writes, "Typically, my art-making process begins with the creation of sculptural pieces which are then used to create narrative photographs. These sculptures or props are set into scenes and settings to create images of wonder inspired and aesthetically informed by childhood memories, historical hoaxes, folklore, Community Theater, and low budget films. I then photograph these scenes to create a relic of the flimsy constructed spectacle.  My images are meant to be histories and mythologies whose fragility and absurdity is highlighted by the crude looking construction of the sculptural elements. Through constructing these fictionalized histories, I consider the troublesome nature of authenticity in recorded history and the ability of the photograph to serve as a transcription or proof of an event as well as the human desire for an 'unbelievable event' no matter how dubious."

This page was originally published on July 24, 2007.

text and image from the Moberg Gallery

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