Shirt, white shirt and gold thread, 26" x 30" x 5", 2011

Professor Shin is Assistant Professor of Art at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.  She joined Northwestern's art department as a resident expert in the 3D studio after completing her MFA in studio art at the University of Texas at Austin.  She also holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BFA from Cho-Sun University in South Korea.

Prof. Shin writes about her work:

"I hope to create new artworks that resonate with the juxtaposition of objects, materials, and actions that share and evoke my experience of home and longing, tradition and surprise.  From common and magical materials taken from the earth, I fashion objects with love that evoke what we feel but can't always see.  My work involves ritualistic aspects with repetitive acts embracing emotional attributes that may be simple activities, everyday situations, and also a way of reconstructing relationships and remembering home.  Also, I use raw materials as a tool for recreating a specific experience, entropic rituals, and spiritual activity.  In my artwork, I investigate containment, the repression of desire, and preservation."

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