Untitled</i>, from exhibit "Home Sweet Home"<i>

Untitled, from exhibit "Home Sweet Home", salt fired stoneware, 36" x 40" x 1/2", April 2010

Jeffrey Flug received his BA in Art from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  He recently worked at The Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids as an Artist in Residence.

In the artist's own words:

"Throughout my life, hardship has proven to be an opportunity for me to excel.
From my parents divorcing, to graduating from high school, to feeding an addiction to drugs, to my mother passing; every event that I have lived through has given me the opportunity to look at my life and grow, sometimes in ways that I don't even know until years down the road. My art work has heavily reflected the hardships as well as the successes and positive lights in my life. From family to pastimes, I have used clay to sculpt, throw, and piece together works that exhibit my life through my eye."

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