South Africa Revisited</i>, from the series "Looking on the Bright Side"

South Africa Revisited, from the series "Looking on the Bright Side", pastel, 18" x 28", 2010

Born and raised in the Quad Cities, Judy Gray attended the University of Iowa while raising her family, later getting a degree in art from Augustana College. Uprooted to Denver, Colorado, she began a fun-filled work schedule while continuing her studies at the Denver Art Student League, The Colorado Institute of Art, and Loveland Academy.

In the "Looking on the Bright Side" series, Gray writes that "The concept is to promote pleasant awareness of line, color and how it applies to the landscapes.  There are usually no figures. . . . just quiet vistas of the land's shapes and forms with some human evidence of architecture.  It is a result of a frightening health issue, the attempt to simplify, and to look on the bright side."

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