Unit of Work: Migration</i>, White Monarch indoor and outdoor documentation, Drawing performance

Unit of Work: Migration, White Monarch indoor and outdoor documentation, Drawing performance, Nebraska Whitetail Deer hides tanned in the Platte River, chalk, wood and rubber bands, 2011

Heidi Wiren Bartlett is an Interdisciplinary artist, teacher, amateur dancer, and taxidermist living and working in Iowa City. She received her BFA at Concordia University in Seward, NE and is now an MFA candidate in Intermedia at the University of Iowa.

Bartlett investigates the potential of environments as conduits for performance and drawing. Paper, wood, animal artifacts, and architecture create the framework for her performances. She explores the line that runs through all things, revealing relationships between our body and its surroundings. Within this landscape she is interested in marks, light, movement, ritual, and the dialog between our symbolic and animal selves.

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