Simple Landscape

Simple Landscape, oil pastel/stick, 20" x 25"

A 1988 graduate of Drake University with a BFA and majors in graphic design and printmaking, Bill showed his work in exhibitions consistently beginning as early as 1978 and has been with Olson-Larsen Galleries since 1994. His work attracts a diverse range of admirers; from veteran art patrons to young first-time collectors.

Within the last several years, Bill Innes has moved into a subtle and progressive series of images while exploring variations in technique, usually in his favorite medium of oil pastels. From simple, densely layered mound like forms—almost childlike in simplicity but not in execution—he moved to images of fish, palm trees, and increasingly abstract landscapes that contain simple land forms, bulbous clouds, and aspen trees with white trunks. In addition, Bill has created still lifes depicting elaborate flower bouquets using his characteristic palette of rich blues, yellows, greens, and reds.

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on February 19, 2006

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