Mongswa, the Animal that Eats Twigs

Mongswa, the Animal that Eats Twigs

A native of Minnesota now living in Austin, Texas, Pavlik's interest in nature is augmented by an analytical approach reflected in her 20-year career as a mechanical engineer. Her original etchings and relief prints are simultaneously thought-provoking and artistically sensitive. Pavlik explains, "a growing concern for the survival of nature and a need to understand the relationship of people to the landscape has encouraged me to explore nature related themes."

Pavlik incorporates natural materials such as leaves in her stratographs and often experiments with various color combinations. Her work has been featured in shows and artist residencies across the country, including Natural Selection, at the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge and the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge (Prairie City, IA.) Early in 2006, she will became the Artist in Residence at Amistad National Recreation Area, TX. Her work is featured in well-known print galleries in the Midwest.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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