#120 Mosque

#120 Mosque

Saadet Ozbudak was born in Istanbul in 1959. The beauty of surrounding nature took all her attention since her childhood. And she wondered nature and admired the God's creation. She got inspired by everything she saw in the grace of her culture and wisdom of the Sufi Tradition. She started to search for the God as the infinite creator and felt inspired to imitate the beauty of nature in her oil paintings. Art has helped her to see that nothing on this earth is solitary, all things are connected. Then she started to ponder the hidden cause of human existence, the preciousness of human existence in spite of the realization of how insignificant we are. At that time she met her Sufi Master –Rifai Order- Sheikh Tayyar Efendi (2001). Her spiritual journey started with her devotion to her master which expressed itself as a traditional Sufi art form. As an artist of 30 years of experience, she then realized that some lessons in art can't be taught, they must be lived to learn them. She became the lover of God's uncontained and immortal beauty. She says "Deep inside, I feel that nothing can befall me in life, — no disgrace, no calamity, which nature cannot repair. Standing on bare ground, bowing down to God as his humble servant — my head bathed in the vibrant sun and uplifted into infinite space, —all egotism (nefs) vanishes." Her dream is to open hearts and enlighten the minds, to make her art become God's voice.

She currently serves as an artist and a Dervish at Iowa -Rifai Order -Sufi Art Assembly. She is married, has a daughter and a son.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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