Teapot, ceramic, 10" x 14" x 8"

My ceramic work is influenced as much by visual stimulation as it is by the experience of digging my hands into a lump of clay. Within the patterns and repetition of the many worlds around us, I find inspiration. From the way in which a crack in the pavement mirrors the lighting streak across the sky, to the spiral of a snail shell being reminiscent of the tortuous pattern on a sunflower's seed. The minutest visual and tactile textures are as important and fascinating as the most sublime landscape. My ceramic work takes on these aesthetic preferences. Much of my time is spent working in greenware, experimenting with texture, color, design and form. As a result, most of my pieces are sparsely glazed, allowing the clay to reveal itself.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on March 23, 2012

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