Mud Babies

Mud Babies, clay, 15.5" x 22" x 15"

I localize my work to the exploration of human thought and self; transforming general emotion into manifested moment and experience through the replication of living figures in clay. I find clay to be the most imperative decision in regard to my choosing as it is purely from the earth. The properties of clay can so easily mimic nearly anything, and seemingly give the notion of "breath" to a figure. My love of clay is traced through many of my interested in life, such as anthropology and geology. Despite my attraction to clay, I am compelled to use a wide variety of mediums as the object of my being is to create an on-going, eclectic body of work to share our experiences as cognitive beings, and find myself in no way confined to any boundaries but that of my own mind.
I choose to study the anomaly of being.
The act of being aware of ourselves as humans and ability of cognition; the subsequent struggle endured which is hinged on the individuals' environment and their understanding. I attempt to sustain the illusion of thought, curiosities of self, and pains experienced in a lifetime through my sculpture. The importance of social context and thought process of my own experience frame this subjective nature of metaphorical thought and action. I am very interested in the transitional periods experienced through living with cognitive action and the idea of human life as a narrative.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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