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Vultus, video, 1 minute 12 seconds, 2010

Bruce Walters is a professor of Art at Western Illinois University (and University of Iowa alum). His artwork has been displayed in more than one hundred solo, invitational, and competitive exhibitions - primarily in the Midwest, but also in England, Germany, Japan, New York and Washington DC. Walters has won best of show awards in seven different media: from graphite drawings to digital artwork.

Vultus is a perpetually running video of 100 masks. Many of the masks are specific to Halloween, but many African, Asian and Native American cultural masks and sculptures of faces and masks are also included. The video includes Slipknot masks photographed by Shawn Crahan, a member of Iowa's Grammy Award winning band. Other artists who created sculptured faces and masks included in this project include Skip Willits and Donnie Gettinger. The title, Vultus, is Latin for 'face' or for 'appearance and expression'. Watch the full video here.

This page was originally published on October 26, 2010.

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