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The Daily Palette is pleased to introduce its new Project Coordinator, Jennifer Erixon.

During the month of February we will feature selected artists and works from the Palette's archive.

OHRIA___PECHES, video, originally performed with live musical accompaniment, composed by Lieschen Mast, at Recursions, an interdisciplinary coll, 10 min, 05 sec, 2007

Of himself, Daniel Luchman says, "A narrative recipe: I transform personal experiences by layering them with cultural and historic knowledge, distancing them from their source [me] to achieve a more universal dimension- or- highly particular [uncommon] allegorical events monumentalized beneath a mythological disguise.  The work exists within a stylized reality, where rational conventions have been replaced by an absurdist logic, the complex nature of truth and morality are reflected upon with a dark, yet playful, sense of humor and fragile optimism."

"This video alludes to an idea of parallel realities: two characters independently contest for a transcendental experience that fails to occur. Also—minor acrobatic feats are performed, periodically, throughout the video."

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