March 14, No. 1

March 14, No. 1, watercolor, 15" x 20"

Some of the most prestigious national publications have retained the services of illustrator Stan Fellows—The New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, The Wall Street Journal are just the tip of that publishing iceberg, so to speak.

Stan is a native of Minneapolis, now transplanted to Iowa where he lives with his daughter, Daisy. His 35 years as an illustrator have included teaching at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the areas of watercolor painting and illustration. Despite being directly affected by the flooding of the Iowa River in the summer of 2008, Stan has energetically shifted the focus of his career to allow him to develop watercolor workshops throughout the world. A nature lover at heart, it's Stan's stated goal is to conduct these sessions in places that allow him and his students access to natural beauty. Additionally, Fellows has refined an approach to journaling with his painting. His incidental drawings paired with hand-scripted notations on mood, subject, and process give the viewer an intimate glimpse into his artistic mind-set. Such a personal use of a hybridized visual/written journal is a significant skill around which the artist hopes to create a series of workshops as well. Schedules for workshops can be found at .

Text and image from Cambell Steel Gallery in Marion Iowa.

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