The fanciful, vividly colored imagery of Sharon Burns Knutson hovers between naturalism and a whimsical strain of cubism. A working artist since the 70's when she toured the state with the Artists in the Schools Program, Sharon is a well known for her dual role as artist and teacher. That the artist's work varies stylistically, has likely been a strong factor in her ability to keep her drawings and paintings fresh and engaging. Documenting the visual variety of Iowa neighborhoods, sites of her vacation travels, and stream-of-conciousness thoughts, Knutson's imagery uses a black background in combination with saturated colors. The resulting "stained glass" appearance of her oil pastel and paintings is a highly recognizable hallmark of her work.

Sharon completed her undergraduate work at the University of Northern Iowa, and did her graduate work at the University of Iowa where she also earned a degree in Art Education. Recently retired from her public school teaching career, Sharon has used travels throughout the United States and Mexico for her subject in her most recent work.

Text and image from Cambell Steel Gallery in Marion Iowa.

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