Central Park

Central Park, intaglio

Born and raised in County Durham, England, artist, Michael Bond, emigrated from England to the United States in 1976. Since that time, he has made a career as a working artist, showing his intaglio prints in galleries and art festivals throughout the country.

In his artist's statement Bond refers to printmakers whose work actively impacts his own imagery. Rembrandt and American ex-patriot, James Whistler, figure predictably and prominently amongst those influences, along with a less well-known, but no less accomplished English printmaker, Seymour Francis Haden. At a time in the nineteenth century when engraving was being used as a medium for reproducing images from paintings, Haden proselytized for the use of intaglio printmaking as a fine art medium. This same mission was then carried into the twentieth century by artists as varied as Stanley William Hayter and Mauricio Lasansky.

It is undeniably a pleasure to observe in Michael's intaglio work the fluent integration of etching, aquatint and dry-point techniques. Each provides him with a distinct mark to develop the linear richness and tonal range of the final print. In fact, Bond's mastery of the indirect nature of printmaking allows him to create images with a spontaneity and "freshness" most readily ascribed to sketching. The immediacy of the artist's images created from studies of classic tourist destinations throughout Europe and the United States make the choice of one of his intaglio prints a perfect remembrance of a visit.

Text and image from Cambell Steel Gallery in Marion Iowa.

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on November 24, 2011

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