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Sharon Sadusky is a farm wife, mother and grandmother who lives south of Jackson, Minnesota. She attended school in Spirit Lake, IA. and Jackson, MN. Sharon is mostly self taught but has taken and continues to take classes at Minnesota West, Worthington campus. This allows her to take part in many offerings and workshops around the state, as well as numerous college shows enabling her to keep in touch with current trends and fellow artists. She also takes advantage of many local workshops and classes.

Her early mentor was an aunt who did many craft and sewing projects from her home. Sharon would visit for the weekend and her aunt would have a project planned for them. This instilled an early interest in working with her hands and having a completed product to show for her efforts. Painting, in many different forms and mediums was a favorite part of these projects.

When her children were young, Sharon started a ceramics business. This business continued for twenty-five years. It seemed a natural step to turn more and more towards the fine arts.

Sharon works mainly in acrylic, watercolor and graphite but likes to try any new product that may come on the market. Her subject matter is as varied as the medium, her favorite being whatever she is doing at the time. She often returns to figurative works and portraits after experimenting with a new venue. Abstract and texture are also areas of great interest currently being explored.

Inspiration comes from many directions. Sharon has traveled extensively on art history trips to France, Italy, England, Ireland and Egypt as well as numerous trips in the great U.S.A. Taking walks and viewing nature makes one want to try to preserve the moment. Sharon is a member of Pearson Lakes Art Center and the Nobles County Art Center. She takes part in Artisans Road Trip and many opportunities for interaction with fellow artists.

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