The Apple Tree III

The Apple Tree III, Bi Metal/ Sterling

Young Joo Yoo states, "I personally perform all the creative aspects involved in my work.  Also, I pursue to design some abstract images.  My theme is the castle on the cloud.  The objects of the theme are some miniature architect such as some structure and component of building, cloud and tree.  My work is inspired by some photo images by means of making harmony and balances the natural factor and some artifacts.  I strongly believe art pieces have to have their own attractiveness that can make special attentions by people.  Therefore, I try to find creative ideas and unique composition.  The most important thing is that I would like to emphasize on the sensitive images of my art pieces.  During my life of an artist, I will make a lot of effort for making some even successful pieces that have essential concept, vivid images like landscapes."

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on February 01, 2011

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