Fall, conte on paper, 120" x 36", 2009

Tara Shukla is a Canadian artist who lives in Grinnell, Iowa.  She has a BFA from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and an MFA from Concordia University in Montreal.  She has taught in Canada and Colorado and her work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Toronto and Montreal.  Her rope drawings have been on display in the Art Project at the University of Iowa Hospitals, The Waldemar A. Schmidt Gallery of the Bachman Fine Art Center at Wartburg College and at the Grinnell Community Art Gallery.

Tara Shukla says about her art, "These drawings evolved from a series of small doodles which began to uncoil and move across the pages of my sketchbook.  To develop them further I used a piece of rope, found in a corner of my studio, which became a distilled figure.  In "Animas" (literally, a soul or living being) I imagined it coming to life, leaping and twisting before coming to rest.  In "Fling" the rope was flung on the ground then photographed and drawn to simulate a group of dancing figures.  "Fall" is a drawing about transition:  begun as a braid, it dissolves and unwinds, spilling down the wall and onto the floor.  I chose compositions to express the potential and the limitations we face as humans.  Those limits are echoed in the minimal qualities of the artwork - simple black and white line drawings.  At the same time the large scale creates a world in which  I hope to engage you, the viewer, in a joint "performance." "

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on November 04, 2010

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