Celebration of the Balloons

Celebration of the Balloons, Acrylic, 48" x 36"

Tony Brown is an artist and musician who has shared his message of hope, love and peace through his original music and vibrant paintings and drawings for more than forty years.

Tony's roots are in the midwest, growing up in Waterloo, Iowa, and studying art at the University of Northern Iowa before going on the road to pursue his musical career. His earliest influences were his close-knit family and his neighborhood community, especially his mother, who shared and encouraged a deep love of music, art and creative expression even in the face of difficult circumstances.  Tony has lived in places as diverse as Madison and Door County, Wisconsin, Chicago, Amsterdam, Holland, Rota, Spain, and San Pedro, Belize. Both his art and his music have been strongly influenced by his travels, by the many people and places he has experienced, by hus love of the natural environment and all its inhabitants, and by his keen awareness of the conflicts and commonalities, the joy and pain, and the great need for healing in the world we all share.

Tony credits Steve Stone, a Wisconsin-based painter and watercolor artist, for encouraging him to pick up the brush and begin moving beyond his intricate sketches into the vast possiblities of painting. His images range from representations of rural and urban life to unique "still life" interpretations and abstract, dream-like visions.

He now resides in Iowa City, Iowa and he may be contacted at mrtbrown2@aol.com.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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