Water & Moods Reflections 2

Water & Moods Reflections 2, glass, 20" x 20"

Malaysian born and Texas educated, Ahmad has traveled the world and lived throughout Asia and America.  His life and work are about blending, bridging, and fusing East and West cultures.  The medium that he uses to do so is, in particular, glass fusion.  His scientific background helps him to travel into new and exciting expressions of color and form.  Something special about Ahmad's work is that he uses a type of glass that NASA Space Station frequently uses in their own equipment.  The stained, clear or irridescent dichroic glass is stacked with layers six or seven sheets deep.  The glass is then fired to 1500 degrees F to form tiles.  He uses sandblasting techniques to create patterns, designs, and texts that are either incorporated within the glass tile or carved onto the tile surface.  After the tile is completed, it is ready to be attached to a square of aluminum which the artist has hand-brushed into soft background illusions.  Another interesting element of the glass is that, as the viewer looks at it straight-on, one sees a minimal amount of color, but as one moves about the piece, it lends itself well to the light, displaying a rainbow of colors at different angles.  Ahmed's pieces are then framed in either a square brushed silver or matt black aluminum frame.  The finished product is dramatic, mystical, fresh, and capricious.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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