Deep Fried Twinkies

Deep Fried Twinkies, oil on canvas, 80 x 59 1/2'', 2005

Born in 1950 in Rock Island, Illinois, Thomas Jackson received his B.A. from Western Illinois University in 1972 and his M.F.A. from the University of Notre Dame in 1974. Jackson taught college-level art and worked in marketing before becoming a full-time artist in 2000.
Jackson has exhibited his artwork in dozens of solo, invitational, and juried exhibitions judged by museum curators and gallerists from California to New York, and in Israel and Mexico. In 2007 Jackson had a major show of his photographs, drawings and paintings, Iowa Pastimes: Politics and State Fairs, at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. In 2008 Jackson showed new paintings, Looking for More, at the Dubuque Museum of Art; and photographs, American Zeitgeist at Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, CA. His show of photographs, American Narratives, was at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in 2009.

Ever since the spectacle of the 2004 political conventions, I've been fascinated by complex, dramatic American imagery. I made the commitment to spend a large portion of my time photographing "painterly" images to use as a basis for my artwork. I've selected images depicting Americans looking for more: more summer fun, more visual stimulation, more excitement, more food, and more money.
Many artists today look within to a personal vision, creating fictions only they see. I hold a mirror up to society and reflect unreal endeavors only reality can create. While these compositions are photo-based and representational, I have pushed contrast, texture, and color intensities; flattened areas, and eliminated detail or created more detail. These changes add drama and make each piece as much about color, paint on canvas, and the act of painting as recording reality.

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