Wheels of Fortune

Wheels of Fortune, Series of wall mounted sculptures; Fabric wrapping and paint on manipulated wire grids, 36'' x 180'' x 4'', 2008

Judy writes "Originally a painter, I have exhibited my fiber sculpture nationally for over 20 years.  During that time my work evolved from objects inspired by quilt and basket making traditions to more abstract fiber sculptures, utilizing industrial materials as fiber.  Since 2000 I have also worked in the realm of public art, particularly enhancements for bridges.  The effects of this transition on my studio works include an increase in the scale of the work, and a preference for creating site specific installations rather than discrete objects.

"The works are inspired equally by the land with its daily and seasonal rhythms, and from the salvaged materials that I choose to work with.  I translate materials such as the ubiquitous fencing found in the Midwest into artworks that describe the inherent poetry of the landscape.  The works also allude to the eerie mystery and sensuous dishevelment often present in the natural world."

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