The Halo Project: Portrait of a Community

The Halo Project: Portrait of a Community, 2009

The Halo Project: Portrait of a Community began during Emerald Gallery's recent The Light of God art exhibit in Fairfield, Iowa. The five month art exhibit featured works by artists from 16 countries, 11 US States, as well as many of our local Fairfield area artists. The theme was bold, profound, both sacred and profane, and was very well-received by the public as a visionary presentation of work.

We had, as a result of an installation piece during that exhibit, two light fixtures which brought to mind 'halos'. So.... why not photograph everyone who comes to the exhibit?? Thus began the halo project. It took a couple weeks for people to get it. Within six weeks, during one of our summer 1st Fridays Art Walks, we had a line waiting to get photographed. Adults, children, families, babies, friends, ....puppies...... even a frog.

This has turned into a most heartwarming statement of community. Everyone, whether they live in Fairfield or were briefly visiting, were, when photographed,a part of the Fairfield community for a snapshot in time.

Thus far, 1136 people have been photographed! And I have hundreds, maybe thousands more to go! This project is pure simplicity, pure humanity, ... pure joy.

Account courtesy of Stacey Hurlin, Emerald Gallery

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