Iowa Writes

Family Reunion

Two brothers
A biologist and theologist debate:
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Why the chicken, says the theologist,                                                                                                 
for God created the Animals in their present forms
as surely as you or I.

No the egg, replies the biologist, for
the final mutation needed to bring the
chicken to its present form must first be
manifested in the embryo.

Not so, counters the theologist,
for Man has believed in a Divine Creator in every country
since time began,
who could argue with such Universal Truth.

You use flawed logic, retorts the biologist, for
man once believed in geocentricity as well.

It went on like this for many hours,
until late in the evening when the biologist's wife emerged from the kitchen.

Why, you two haven't eaten supper! Here,
we have some egg salad and chicken sandwiches left,
Which one would you two like?

Then the theologist's wife spoke from within the kitchen.

Actually Jules, the eggs are older.
They better have those first.

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