For the Occassion

For the Occassion, digital collage, size varies, 2009

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
        Master of Fine Arts, Multimedia Art, 1982
        Master of Arts, Multimedia Art, 1981
        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing, 1979
        Master of Arts, Counselor Education, 1996

Barbara writes, "My mixed media collages and assemblages are exhibited nationally and internationally.  I am a member of the Iowa Arts Council's Iowa Artist Directory and Teaching Artist Roster.  I facilitate professional development for teachers and offer student residencies that integrate Found Object Art into the core curriculum.  International activities include art collaborations with Russian and Chinese artists, guest lecturer at Pedagogical State University in St. Petersburg, Russia, guest lecturer at Nanjing University and the Nanjing Art Institute in Nanjing, and September Gallery in Beijing, P.R. China, and facilitated workshops and residencies in St. Petersburg and Moscow.  My work was featured in the May 2007 issue of Art Calendar."

About her work, Barbara writes, "My collages are made up of found materials: scribbles of text, handwritten notes, old photographs, rubbish I find in the street, scraps of posters clinging to walls that I gather during my travels throughout the world.  These worn and faded materials convey a sense of texture and story I am attracted to, and are repositioned in an overlay of words and images using a scanner and Adobe Photoshop."

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