Provider, Oil on canvas with stretched automotive vinyl, 72'' x 80'', 2002

Born 1970 in Northeast Iowa, John Paul Schafer is a working full-time painter, illustrator and graphic designer.

After a stint in college, Schafer began teaching himself painting in a loft studio in his hometown Independence.  During the early 1990s, Schafer apprenticed as a silkscreen printmaker and worked for a commercial sign company, where he learned graphic design and commercial illustration.

In 1996, Schafer moved to Cedar Rapids to work as the art director for a growing toy manufacturer. He joined the Cedar Rapids Gazette as a newsroom artist in 1999, where he produced hundreds of hand-rendered ink and watercolor illustrations for many of the newspaper's features sections as well as designed pages for magazine spreads.

Schafer became self-employed in early 2007 and has since produced large-scale public works for Heartland Acres (Independence), Mercy Medical Center (Cedar Rapids), University of Iowa (Iowa City), Independence Public Library and Taylor Elementary School (Cedar Rapids).

Schafer has exhibited works in galleries in Kansas City, Seattle, Montreal and Kelowna, BC. Museum venues include the Des Moines Art Center (2001) and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (2006).

About his work, John Paul writes, "In the summer of 2002, I began this deeply personal series of images rooted in my own reality.  In this visual autobiography, which I intend as a lifelong endeavor, I record memories, celebrate family and explore interpersonal relationships."

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