Wind Harp 1 (acoustic environmental sculpture)

Wind Harp 1 (acoustic environmental sculpture), stainless steel, aluminum, wood, 25'h x 50' diameter

Steven Strait received his B.S. from Northwest Missouri State University in 1976 and his M.F.A in Intermedia from the University of Iowa in 1981. He continues to work at the University of Iowa Intermedia program as a Professional & Scientific Staff member.

About his work, Steve has this to say, "The foundation of my work comes from my fascination with cosmology. This core element has generated a wide variety of works in different mediums, running a gamut from conceptual expressive works to documentation of Tibetan Buddhist practices. Works from my distant past have explored the nature of environment through acoustic constructs (these are activated by local elements such as wind, water, heat and light); and video expressions of physics principles (Entropy, Chainwaves, Virtual Space).
Current projects include: Digital paintings; Icons of Annihilation and pictograms of natural disaster.

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