Pennsylvania (detail)

Pennsylvania (detail), acrylic on wood, 36" x 48", 2003

Michael Perrone is currently a visiting faculty member of the University of Iowa's School of Art and Art History.

About the artwork, Perrone writes: My recent paintings are based on imagery which I viewed/experienced while driving on highways in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, most notably on the New Jersey Turnpike, and more specifically on my way to and from New York. When I am driving I tend to clear my head and get lost in a meditative state. I am visually acute at these times, and see paintings everywhere. Additionally, with the recent work, I’ve been trying to challenge myself with regard to my conceptions of what a painting is and how it is made. I’ve been attempting to subvert my own notions of art, taste, and beauty, with the hope of expanding my technical and conceptual skills, and breaking down some long held beliefs. The idea of the artificial landscape has offered me a visually inspiring starting point, as well as an apt metaphor for approaching my specific process goal.

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on November 30, 2004

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