Filter Device

Filter Device, clay, bolted to Reebar cage and steel table, 32" x 10" x 10", 2004

Matt Moyer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Illinois State University in 2001. He had special graduate status at the University of Iowa last year. His has been seen in many states including Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and in a few others.

About his work, Matt writes, "The examination of artifacts and implements from our past is the driving force behind my sculpture. My interest in industrial artifacts is the focus of this current work, and originates with my family having worked in the pipefitting union for three generations including my own. The longevity of industry, and its ability to change, adapt, and mold itself to an ever-evolving society intrigues me. The industrial artifacts that I find most interesting are those where a specific utility is not immediately apparent but rather slow to reveal it’s self. A sense of history, through layers of pealed paint, or the patterns of rust caused from an existence in a caustic environment reveals a great deal about not only the object but the people who used it, or worked in proximity to it. Though I am not always certain what the artifacts that interest me were used for, I remain interested in them for their shape, composition, surface, potential utility, but most of all the sense of it’s existence in time prior to the present. In my own pieces, I strive to engage the viewer to examine the nuances of each piece to determine for themselves what the object might be or may have been and how it might relate to something in their own they recognize in their own history."

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on February 21, 2005

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