The Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone, collage/watercolor, 30 x 23 cm, 1989

Vivian Torrence received her MFA in painting and drawing from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. She currently lives and work in Germany.

Torrence writes about her art: 'My work is "on paper". I love the character of paper as a material; its tangibility; its reactions to different media. I use printed pages from various sources for collages, watercolor, gouache and various printing techniques. Fine surfaces, beautiful color and tone are important to my aesthetic. Over the years my collages have evolved as my main means of expression. More than a technique, collage is a method and represents a synthesis of thoughts, a thinking process that is central to my work" bringing together diverse elements to create a new reality or meaning. Dream, poetry and nature are sources and reinforce this process of renewable meanings. My work often displays a drama of ambiguous outcome. Intuition and chance have their roles to play in the theater. Though narrative in appearance, with figurative elements interacting, the collages also have important abstract elements which change the atmosphere and create another world" a separate world for the spirit.'

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