Gaylne Repairing His Fences

Gaylne Repairing His Fences, chromogenic color contact print, 8"x10", 2003

Richard Colburn is a faculty member in the Photography area of the Department of Art at the University of Northern Iowa. The thrust of his work over the past twenty years has been documenting life in the Midwest. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been selected for numerous awards and grants. He is a graduate of Western Washington University and the University of Minnesota.

Richard writes about Taking Stock, the series from which this picture was taken, "The series recognized the continuing depopulation of the region. The series describes the present. Those who live in the rural upper Midwest and what they do. It also describes the past through the most evident example of population decline - closed local schools. There are nearly one hundred images in this series to date about evenly divided between the school and contemporary life images. Although the subjects of these photographs suggest a division, they cooperate to describe contemporary life in the rural Midwest ... These are quintessential photographs in the "real" experience is transformed into an image bristling with all the characteristics of the medium. The physicality of the subject finds its analog in the visually visceral character of the prints which are packed with minute detail and offer so much information as to make one's eyes ache."

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