b.1986 Clinton, IA
received BFA in Painting 2004-2008 University of Iowa

My work deals with elements that are pulled from nature, architecture, memory, and how I see them all acting together simultaneously.  I look at each piece as a continuous network or something that is constantly growing or could be expanded upon, and that each shape and line that is created is vital to the next, as they inhabit this environmental framework.  Basic line, shape and color are inspired from graffiti among other things which are broken down to visually describe what I see around me.  Exaggerated plants, animals, buildings, and systems are referenced from my mind rather than using a direct source.  I like the idea of keeping everything inside that I come across and then stumbling upon it during the act of creation and using it in a different context than its original form. As the piece evolves and gains complexity, the references and inspirations are less apparent in the final construction.

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