The Final Act

Are you saying that when someone puts
a gun on the stage, then a poet must shoot himself
in the final act?
James Finnegan

The doctor
observes the gun
pearl grey Smith and Wesson
sighs with heavy

the baker smooths his
hands along his apron
still leaves flour
prints on it
as he passes it

the landscape architect
sets it down then
picks it up
he mutters about
gophers but his mind is

on his mistress
still in bed
she has her own gun
she's the poet's mother
and she wakes up

damp and cold
wondering why she
was dreaming about him
and why his hands
are moist too


Tad Richards is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop. He is the president and Artistic Director of Opus 40 in Saugerties, NY. He remains in hopeless pursuit of his muse, Sookie.

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on March 27, 2009

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