Getting Fat On Your Own Fear

Getting Fat On Your Own Fear, Inkjet print, 30" x 40", 2005

John Fender has taught graphic design since 1995 and been on the faculty of Drake University since 1999. He is head of the graphic design program and acts as the Design Director for the Anderson Gallery. Professor Fender holds an M.F.A., an M.A., and a B.F.A. degree, all from the University of Iowa.

About his work, John writes, "My work attempts to create a location, where there is no content, only a construct formed through interpretation ... I present ideas, objects, places or people as component factual elements and symbols, then place these artifacts into a context that forces one to create a relationship. I see art as an activity of inquiry, existing in an intangible space between social structures and the individual. Its purpose is to explore the moral and ethical underpinnings of our culture. In my art, I attempt to create situations that force an individual to question the assumptions one must make in order to achieve understanding. This work is a new direction for me where as much of my previous work was introspective and inward looking this work is directed toward the culture it reflects. It urges the viewer to construct the various cultural and political references into a narrative that comments on various concerns of mine. Specifically this work is based on my reaction to the current political and cultural decisions that are shaping the future of our world."

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on February 15, 2005

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