Lover, steel, 24''

Gail Chavenelle's schooling and careers have been diverse. She has a BA in literature and a Master's Degree in computer education. She has been a teacher, curriculum designer, and has sold and administered computer systems. Now, she has found a unique voice in metal.  Mentored by a generous blacksmith and critically supported by working artist friends, she is currently studying art history and showing her work on a regular basis throughout Iowa. Gail's work is featured online and in galleries nationwide.

Beginning with childhood paper dolls, chains, pop-out books, and greeting cards, Gail Chavenelle has been intrigued by paper sculpture. She loved the forms, but wanted the works to be more permanent. Instead of a sheet of paper, Gail works with sheets of 20 gauge steel. Gail cuts one-piece sculptures from single, flat sheets, folding and bending them into 3-D forms. Her pieces bound, fly, or dance in the wind on the tensile strength properties of this material. In addition to public sculpture, Gail makes accessible, affordable art, sized for the ordinary sized spaces in which we live.

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on February 26, 2009

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