Panel from LEAP YEARS by Ian Bennett (ISBN 0-9743147-9-X)

Panel from LEAP YEARS by Ian Bennett (ISBN 0-9743147-9-X)

Ian Bennett was born in Iowa City and recently graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Radio/Television/Film and Art, where he created his first graphic novel "Leap Years" which was named "Top Ten Graphic Novels for Youth in 2005" by the American Library Association. He is presently working at a small production company editing commercials and documentaries.

Ian has regularly used two methods: drawing and film. The images themselves are not the work; instead it is the story that multiple images can only tell when placed together one after another. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic, and oftentimes featuring something fantastic such as a giant frog or time travel, these stories use the juxtaposition of images to give a new meaning than just the image shown.

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