Manhatten Skyline From Brooklyn

Manhatten Skyline From Brooklyn, digital photography, 2008

Born and raised in Iowa, Julie Staub is a Midwest girl at heart.  She recently moved back to Iowa after 6 years in NYC as a Freelance Photographer, Holistic Health Counselor, Space Organizer and Nanny.
She earned her BA in 1998 from the University of Iowa with an Art and Communication degree.
Her photos have been published in various online and print publications including "The New York Press," "The Village Voice" and "The Press-Citizen."

Julie has been showing and selling her artwork in NYC since 2007 and started to exhibit in Iowa in 2008.  Current exhibits include pieces from her 'Peace & Love' art series at Tspoons in Iowa City, IA and her 'New York City' series at Terrapin in Coralville, IA.  Celebrity Bebe Buell is a collector of her 'Peace & Love' art series.

About her work, Julie writes, "My camera is my tool for recording my journey along the way.  Every photo is a window to a past experience.  My urban shots were just part of my everyday.  I chose to see the city as it is.  Gritty, grand, chaotic and relentless.  There is beauty in it all!"

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