Black Tulip

Black Tulip, ink on paper, 14'' x 12''

David Whannel was born in Jefferson, Iowa in 1970.  He graduated from Iowa State University in 1994 with a BFA in drawing and painting.  He moved to Iowa City after college and took some pre-graduate classes at Iowa.  He later moved to Minneapolis in June of 2001 and was a member of Rosalux Gallery from 2001-05.

About his work, David writes, "Making art for me is all about the process. I draw and paint together, so when I'm working I must be doing both. Each piece is unique to itself, only the process is consistent.

By using addition, subtraction, collage, landscape, distorted perspective, found objects, and explosive energy I attempt to create pictures that are not only fun and exciting for me to create, but offer the viewer the same pleasure.

Obviously I'm influenced by most abstract and pop artists of the 50's - 80's. But
I get a lot of influence from my peers here in Minneapolis. One of the reasons I moved here. Now, Iowa has come a long way, in offering opportunities, since I left."

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