Otherology, archived digital pigment print, 13'' x 19'', 2006

Randy Richmond's work has been shown in many solo and group exhibits throughout the Midwest United States and in the Netherlands. Most recently he completed an art residency on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan and was asked to participate in "Contemporary Animal Imagery", an invitational exhibit by the Artisan Gallery in Belleville, Wisconsin.

About his work, Randy writes, "Digital photography steeped in the aesthetics of traditional photography and the untethered imagination of Magical Realism. My work utilizes digital montage to illustrate human behavior. Through the use of animals that are usually interacting with man-made objects, my goal is to gently illuminate the absurdities and behaviors that accompany our higher level of evolution. The result is a kind of subversive twist on Grimm's Fairytales where death and dismemberment are not nearly as frightening as going through life pretending to be alive. Visually inspired by the theatrical prairie landscapes of Grant Wood, and the odd realities of museum dioramas, my goal is to provide the viewer with an experience that starts with a chuckle and ends with a gasp when they understand the subtle warning in each piece."

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