Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here, collage/mixed media, 42cm x 30 cm, 2008

Jill Davis Schrift is an Iowa artist who spends as much time as she can in Paris.  She has been a lecturer in Art at Grinnell College since 1988.  She received her MA in ceramic sculpture from Purdue University in 1980.  Schrift teaches all levels of ceramics classes and teaches drawing within the Introduction to Studio course. Since 1993, she has divided her time between ceramics and two-dimensional pastel drawings and multimedia collage. Schrift's work now will be shown at Galerie Les Vergers De L'Art in Paris.

About her work, Jill writes, "As an artist, I am a dreamer, collector, maker, and transformer.  When I'm in Paris, I am inspired by the diversity of visual imagery I encounter every day, and I continually record and collect samples of the images that engage my attention.  The medium of collage is the perfect venue for me to play with these images and materials, synthesizing them in various combinations. Certain images are part of my visual lexicon and recur in my collages: circles, leaves, postcards, recognizable and figurative Parisian sculptures. The inspiration for much of my work is the great artist Joseph Cornell.  My goal, like his, is for each piece to work on an aesthetic level and to provoke thought in the viewer."

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on September 30, 2008

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