She's Still Got Sass

She's Still Got Sass, coilbuilt clay with glazes, 18'' x 20'' x 16'', 2007

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, Linda & her brothers discovered some clay in the banks of a creek. Long hours were spent making and remaking objects and people from the clay she dug from the side of the creek. Her first encounter with clay was later revisited when she attended a small private college in Iowa and completed a raku clay class.

After 30 years in public education,  Linda realized after her four children were raised she pursued her dream of being an artist.  Forty years after her first experience on the banks of a small creek, she began creating figurative sculptures from clay.

About her work, Linda writes, "Recently I read a phrase by Leonardo, in 1490, who described the portrait as a vehicle for expressing  'the motions of the mind.'  I am interested in observing the way people tilt their head, hold their body, & express themselves.  I also listen to what they say-what seems to be important to them, what troubles them, what brings them happiness. For me the pleasure comes when the clay that starts as a clump comes alive-when it flows, dances, sings and crackles with life.  I like letting my intuition suggest a movement or texture-when I go in a direction now knowing where it may lead. In essence each piece becomes its own creation and hopefully exudes its own energy."

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