Woven Depths Necklace

Woven Depths Necklace, yellow and rose gold fill wire, 17'', 2008

I have been interested in textile arts for as long as I can remember. But it was when I started to work those techniques in metal a real love affair was born. With the exceptions of a few workshops here and there, I am self-taught, which I believe brings an interesting look to my work. Because I've never been told what can and cannot be done, I happily spend my time in the studio investigating whatever line of inquiry fascinates me at the moment.

I love to use textile techniques in untraditional ways. I find it exciting to take the traditional work of women and render it not in gently flowing fiber, but rather in the harsher, more unyielding temper of metal. In my latest series, Woven Depths, I weave fabric out of yellow and rose 14/20 Gold Fill wire using a traditional medieval fingerweaving technique. I embed this fabric behind glass, which creates interesting optical effects forcing the viewer to admire the basic structure of fabric from a new perspective. I finished the necklace with hand woven chain designed to mimic the "fuzzy" nature of a textured bouclè yarn.

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