Lydia, Acrylic, Gesso, Ink, Thesaras Pages, 9'' x 12'', 2008

Brittany Noethen is an artist living in a technology manager's body. She would rather bedecapitated than give up making art, trading atcs, or stop thinking that the phrase "Muffins orBust" is hilarious. She currently lives in Iowa City with Cat (her partner), Margaret (an old lady boxer pit-bull ) and shelves full of art supplies.

Her work has been featured in a variety of juried and invitational group shows and the publication In situ: a collection of literary and visual arts in the Iowa City Area ( She is an avid ATC hobbyist and trades at Additionally, she is an associate designer for the on-line Mail Art publication, Art Trader Magazine, She is also a member or Arts Iowa City.

About her work, Brittany writes, "I have no goals with art other than to make art. I'm in it for the pleasure of the experience. By day, I'm a tech manager and spend so much time on the left side of my brain. When I come home, I want to play with materials and see how things work together. In some ways, both processes are all about problem solving—how to structure that database, which color works with which. I love that moment when you figure out how to make something work. My influences include everything from the art of graphic novels, tattoo artists and outsider artists, to beauty of masters like Degas and Ingres."

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